Team Spotlight: Lucas Della Ventura

Today, we invited one of our Summer 2014 Boston interns, Lucas, to share a little bit about himself and his MCN story. Read on to find out about part of our team!

My name is Lucas Della Ventura. I am a dual citizen to the U.S and France. I grew up the majority of my life in Boston, MA even though I moved away several times. I currently attend Seton Hall where I major in Diplomacy/International Relations along with minors in Economics and Spanish. I also am currently playing on the Seton Hall Pirates Mens Soccer team which plays in the division one Big East Conference.

I decided I really wanted to gain some experience working with a non profit. While searching for summer internships I came across MCN and was immediately attracted to the organizations goals and purpose. What would be better than participating in an organization that focuses on empowering people just like me, college students.  The convenience of being close to home, in the heart of Boston while gaining valuable NGO experience was too much to pass up on.

I am the Director of Outreach intern, directly in charge of MCN’s Facebook, Instagram and social media presence. I’m working on expanding MCN’s reach and attracting new audiences to our wonderful Millennium Campus Conference. I’m really excited for the conference when I can truly appreciate the culmination of months of effort and focus on a single goal: the best MCC yet.

I’ve learned a lot about marketing strategy and how to promote a brand. The small size of MCN allows for its staff and interns to play a large role in the organization. The large responsibility given to the interns allows us to gain valuable experience in the field. I look to use this experience in my future endeavors. While I have not fully decided the path I will take in life, I am looking to gain some experience working for the government, possibly for the Bureau of European affairs. For the moment though, I am looking to excel at MCN and do my best during the time I’m here.

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